This site helps developers and teams to implement Power BI analytics solutions on the Azure Data Platform.

The business purpose of analytics is to inform decisions with timely facts and to encourage forward-vision and thinking. Driving a vehicle by only looking in the rear-view mirror or at a dashboard is foolhardy. Likewise, reliance on time-lagged measures alone puts an enterprise in danger.

Analytics are only part of the iterative improvement cycle known as “Plan, Do, Check, Adjust” (PDCA).

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Beyond Power BI: some amazing demonstrations

Beyond Power BI: Design of Power BI solutions

Beyond Power BI: Power Query M language

Resources and standards for Power BI deployment and projects

To balance the advantages of ‘self-service business intelligence (BI)’ with the advantages of reliable IT processes requires respect for relevant best practices. Good policies need deliberate implementation.

Agile software engineering methods, including formal testing and DevOps automation, are increasingly applied to Power BI. These links show what is possible today and give a preview of new features coming in 2020.

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